This is a word that has no one meaning.
It can be good, bad, whatever. It has no limitations other than the emotion put behind it.
Yo skench get me my skench'n skenches!

(Translation: Yo dude, get me my frigg'n shoes!)
by The Naked Ninja August 04, 2005
Top Definition
A mixture between being Skinny and Hench (muscular.)

Skench people are thin but have defined muscles on top, but are not bulky in appearance.
'OMG, that indie guy is SO skench, he's my perfect type!'
by Shaniqua of Chap3l January 10, 2013
A skench is a person that has absolutely no earthly idea what they are talking about, but they think that what they are saying is absolutely correct.

Sort of like a dumbass, but more extreme.
"You dumb skench, shut up"
"Man, can you believe what a skench that guy is?"
by Nolan J. Bury November 23, 2004
someone who is both DENCH and SKINNY.
yo victoria beckham is Skench bruv
by riiiiiijjjjj February 12, 2012
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