The act of sexual intercoure while the female specimen is on back with her feet next to her head. The male then dominates the woman like he is He-Man and she is his arch nemesis Skelator and yells in a leprachaun/evil voice SKELATOR. Then she screams like the bitch she is as Skelator screamed his dieing words in his defeat to He-Man
by Vince March 21, 2003
Top Definition
An anorexic looking girl
Damn, Cameron Diaz used to be a fine piece and now she looks like fuckin' skelator
by DickardG July 30, 2004
a very tall and boney man resembling the arch enemy of He-Man. Skelator is 6'7 or above and looks like he has been doing hardcore drugs. He usually doesn't have the curtesy to tell you he has a girlfriend and will try to show up to your birthday party with the excuse, "You never asked".
Dude, you slept with Skelator?!" "Yeah, his bones bruised my body.
#he-man #skelator #anorexia #skinny #jerk
by SnugMama November 01, 2010
If you think you are a skeleton yell
#skelator #up #in #this #mutha #fucka
by Jay Raymond :D August 02, 2008
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