The act of sexual intercoure while the female specimen is on back with her feet next to her head. The male then dominates the woman like he is He-Man and she is his arch nemesis Skelator and yells in a leprachaun/evil voice SKELATOR. Then she screams like the bitch she is as Skelator screamed his dieing words in his defeat to He-Man
by Vince March 21, 2003
Top Definition
An anorexic looking girl
Damn, Cameron Diaz used to be a fine piece and now she looks like fuckin' skelator
by DickardG July 30, 2004
a very tall and boney man resembling the arch enemy of He-Man. Skelator is 6'7 or above and looks like he has been doing hardcore drugs. He usually doesn't have the curtesy to tell you he has a girlfriend and will try to show up to your birthday party with the excuse, "You never asked".
Dude, you slept with Skelator?!" "Yeah, his bones bruised my body.
by SnugMama November 01, 2010
If you think you are a skeleton yell
by Jay Raymond :D August 02, 2008
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