A promiscuous unkept woman of uncouth principal.
did you hear bout eva? shes a straight skeezer now.
by Turner and Crystal July 10, 2008
an alternate definition could be someone who just ain't right and they know it
"these skeezers gon come and do this to me?! ho no uhuh"
by yo mama December 12, 2003
AfrAM/Hispanic North east US term for sexually active <and not hiding it> female.
Yeah, I'm undercover and all, but I know I'm a true skeezer.
by Skeezer124 April 06, 2005
A skeezer will make you fall in love with them and act like they didnt mean to...They will tell you that they love you with all their hearts and wanna spend the rest of their life with you and then they will drop you like a bad habbit when something else comes alone they think will better their image....No matter how good the victim (the guy) is to her and no matter how the guy she dumps him for is...she will still come around and let you think there is hope for you and even if she tells you there isnt any hope left the victim still cant move on because skeezers are the worst of all females and once you have been bitten you are fucked.....The term has other definitions mainly from around cali and new york it means dirty ass hoe...
Damn i still love dat Skeezer.
Shit why cant i get over dat Skeezer.
I should have never talked to dat damn skeezer.
by Big J. December 12, 2006
Undesirable female.
Have you noticed, on the Olympic Soccer Team, none of the women are skeezers? I think I detect a plan here.
by Secret Agent Man September 19, 2003
Active Verb. 1) See alternative definition for fornication. Synonoym. 2) To trick one out of cash. 3) Used to procliam that an idividual using the work is an idiot. NOUN.
USE #1) Man that ho skeezed me yesterdizza.
USE #2) That ho skeezed me for three benjis.
USE #3) Man, I am a skeez.
by The Skeeza Pleasa October 23, 2002
1.person who steals
2.do bad things
yo you skeezed my seat, what a skeezer!
by SkeezinRoundTown December 15, 2005
A bitch who won't sleep with you! Inferior!
Ruby is a skeezer!, but Felecia iz da Bomb!
by T-Boy August 03, 2004
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