Top Definition
1) An exceptionally filthy person, usually male.

2) Someone who is such a disgusting asshole that it makes you feel slimy just thinking about them.
1) I can smell you from here! Go shower you skeezball!

2) Richard is such a skeezball. Being around him makes me want to vomit.
#skeez #skeezball #asshole #skank #skezzball
by The Rouge Fox August 09, 2008
A person who cheats the system, someone who forgot to wash themselves for weeks at a time,not because they were lazy...but because they are so fucking filthy and fat.
Fat Man: hey dude!!!!! i just told them i never got it,so they sent me another one.

Diabetic: Thats because your a fucking skeezball!!!!!
#dirtbag #sleez #filthy #low life #obese
by Opher4 December 18, 2011
a grody ass person, if used with female a chicked head skeezball

a crack whore
Don't fuck with that chicken head skeezball nigga
by Wood Dogg October 03, 2004
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