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Some of the most awesome group of people in the world. They are all crazy cool and shoot up everyday and get lowww.
People try to break their pancreas' to be like us. To bad only a diabetic really knows how to break another persons pancreas...we have super pancreatically invincible powers too.

p.s we are NOT type 2 diabtes..we dont get FATTY
and please....dont give us "sugar free candy" IT STILL HAS CARBS...which is what REALLY that stuff tastes gross.

"yo look at those G diabetics! They're shooting up right in the middle of class!"
by Diana Dz May 20, 2008
A person suffering from Diabetes, a condition characterised by inadequate secretion or utilization of insulin. Symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, weight loss and frequent urination.
Joe Blogs is a diabetic....
by Trinity December 18, 2003
word used in the movie " A night at the roxbury" meaning sweet, awesome, fantastic,outrageous, or kick ass. fun to use when joking around cuz you'll sound like a dumbass if you actually use it.
guy1: "dude! i totally hooked up last night with that hot ass sally!"
guy2: "diabetic!"
by jneill May 26, 2007
One who suffers from diabetes, a disorder marked by excessive thirst and caused by an imbalance of insulin.
I can't eat that candy, because I'm diabetic.
by BCal November 18, 2003
when someone does something that is so sweeet simply calling the occurence sweeet is an overwhelmingly large understatment
Scotty worked his magic johnson stylings for the 5th time tonight! Diabetic
by rob February 10, 2004
A crazy mothafucka with mental illness an dementia that is on the verge to criminality who tryed to commit suicide once or many times with sugar poisoning.
" Geez, are you insane or are you just a Diabetic? "
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
When someone is a homosexual being a little to sweet or off.
That person over there outside the gay bar must be a big time diabetic.
by NateD May 28, 2006

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