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Being broke. Comes from Bagoens in Amsterdam street language
I want to go out tonight but I'm skeer. Now I'll never get laid...
by thysr April 12, 2009
Dutch slang for being broke.

Sometimes also used to say that some is of cheap quality or very poorly made.
I would like to it from you, but I'm skeer.

That video game is fucking skeer.
by ShakyNL May 14, 2016
Skeer is a secretive term used in place of the word Beer. It is most effectively used in the presence of adults, police or sober people. The true meaning of this word is to be disclosed only to the truest bros.
Last night Tantog drank 2 skeers and barfed! What a bitch.
by Alex Brown da 4th August 08, 2008
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