1)Derogatory term for a woman of most high sluttyness.
2)A Bitch/woman who you would love never to see again in your life.
Nikki: I love Rachael Ray!

Josh: That bitch is a skankasaurus!
by jmadd31 December 10, 2008
Top Definition
A big nasty girl who still is a ho despite the fact that people don't wanna get a piece of her nasty booty.
Damn! That skankasaurus really has to put some clothes on before she makes me throw up!
by Bebe February 14, 2005
The state in which a person, commonly a woman, exhibits extreme and uncontrolable slutty behavior, has a generally unpleasant demeanor, and/or who never shuts their mouth.
After I found out what Jess did after the party with that guy, and then bitched at her friend for doing the same with another young man, I have come to the conclusion that she is a skankasaurus.
by Jon L. July 02, 2005
A large, unattractive female, of the loose variety. Works best if subject resembles a dinosaur.
Guy 1 "Dude that chick last night was gorgeous!"
Guy 2 "No, you were hammered. She was a total skankasaurus"
by GarrettGavenus December 06, 2008
A REALLY big skanky bitch who hates all people or is hated by everyone.
That bitch is a skankasaurus, they should leave her on the roof of a high building 'til she dies or something.
by Magik Red Anus December 06, 2003
Noun. A chick who's been a Ho since the beginning. Prehistoric skank lineage. Most likely the offspring of callgirls and sleazeballs. Aka. Natural Born Skeezer.
HighSchool Chick 1: "Yo, I heard that Tammi had Chad and Michael's babies. She lost custody, too."

High School Chick 2: "I've known that ho since gradeschool, she's been kissing all the boys and letting them look up her skirt."

High School Chick 1: "Dang, she's a skank-a-saurus for sure!"
by ElVagabundo December 11, 2010
She's the beast from the east.................coast, that is. She is a behemoth of a gal and is old-school skanky. Her game is so old and tired, but you just gotta laugh at her attempts.
Faith: Guess who's coming up from Florida this weekend to corrupt her child?
Carli: Uhhhh that old, tired whore Skank-a-saurus?
Faith: Precisely!
by carlipet November 13, 2009
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