A nasty, trashy girl in which guys look to only for sex. Usually very ugly.
I.E.-"Butterface" Everything's good on that skank but-her-face.

Christina-Did you see that skank at the mall??
Michelle-Duh! That skank was Katelin!

by DJSammyJ August 31, 2006
A bandana worn by a homeless/wanderpunk/trainhopper/gutterpunk... it is never washed and used as a rag for anything and everything.
You washed my skank? Its yours now.
by wanderlus¥ April 13, 2014
1) To skank-verb-A dance that is preformed to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, and moving your arms.

2)A term commmonly used to refer to a whore/slut. Eg. "Look at that girl, she looks like a skank."

3)When you inhale Marijuana.

4)In Nottingham it is mostly used as 'mean' or 'unfair'. Eg. "Arr thats skank!"
by TinyTara January 07, 2012
to steal something from a friend, especially in the context of something petty; to skank(v), skanked
"Becca you totally just skanked my seat"


"I was gone for 30 seconds and you skanked my muffin top!"
by SilverEyedLionQueen December 22, 2011
Shelby Rae Meads
Shelby Meads is a total Skank!!!!!!
by Rod Wrangler December 02, 2011
Mainly used as a Derogatory Term Except by a Small group of Southsiders in Dublin who use it as unconventional greeting in their Group. In this group it is meant with no offense intended.
More recently it has been used as an expression of irritation toward Ridicously hot girls who deny their hotness, think its better to stay friends, And the "grumble Grumble" isnt a manly thing to say.
These Girls should let me take them out.
by frenchButcher August 09, 2011
someone who is ugly. super ugly. a female. and she dates guys that she doesn't deserve. guys that are younger than her. she has a name, that starts with an S, and ends with an A. she's totally a skank, guys.
Samantha is such a skank.
by fgohuiewrghb34ligre. July 26, 2011
a nasty girl, usuallly goes by the name of Erica June....or Autumn...wait, what season was it...or maybe it was a month. Anyway, overall skank.
Hey Skank!

Wasn't that Erica....?
by a-waltttt May 22, 2011

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