A nasty, trashy girl in which guys look to only for sex. Usually very ugly.
I.E.-"Butterface" Everything's good on that skank but-her-face.

Christina-Did you see that skank at the mall??
Michelle-Duh! That skank was Katelin!

by DJSammyJ August 31, 2006
Skanks - a sleazy cheating woman
1. Someone who is a dirty woman that cheats and sleeps with other men

2. A ram root chum of a bitch

3. A woman who is so self obsessed with herself that she wants to go through as many men in her life as i go through toilet paper it's not funny...god damn skanks
by G.MAC March 30, 2006
in the early 1980's, the typically ska related dance style known as skanking became synonymous with "slam dancing" at hardcore punk rock shows in southern california, and maybe some other places which matter. The thrashing about of the arms and legs became much more violent and was sometimes accompanied by the wearing of a spiked dog collar and wristlet combination to better one's chances of drawing blood. we've even seen barbed wire wrapped around ankles during the most hardcore skank sessions.

the punk rock skank would take place within a circle of punks and anybody trying to leave the circle would be apprehended by the punks on the perimeter and thrown with great gusto and much drunken laughter, back into fray.

this old school circle of punks and the skankers within, transmogrified over time to become today's mosh pit.
from the hardcore punk band the circle jerk's classic song "I just want some skank":

passing flyers at the troub
seven nights seven 'ludes
what's the deal with this band?
Let's go roll some fields, man

I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
by the pep squad April 07, 2005
Like a slut, but with connotations of nastiness.
Your mom is a total skank.
by your daddy December 28, 2002
A golf shot similar to a shank. The only difference is that a skank is struck on the toe edge of the golf club (instead of the hosel). A skank is hard to control, but if done correctly, can shoot straight sideways at an unexpecting person.
I just learned the skank so now I can hit Bruner and call it an accident!
by Bigby July 18, 2010
1 - (n) a dirty whore

2 - (n) a filthy, disgusting, smelly person (female but sometimes used for males)

3 - (v) a dance characterized by raising the knees and flailing the arms while bent over like you are ready for a huge dong in your ass and enjoying it; this dance is usually performed to ska music while smoking a joint

4 - (proper Noun) a Brazilian pop band with a reggae/ska influence; in recent years Skank (prounounced more like "skunky" by the Brazilians, has morphed into a more soft-rock band
1 - Yo, homes, that bitch be a skank. Don't get wit her.

2 - Liz and Lance are total skanks. I heard they don't even have no bath in that trailer park they lives in.

3 - Owen and Denise are skanking to the music and smokin' a blunt.

4 - I bought the new Skank CD but it's not like their old stuff.
by shrimphead May 08, 2008
A dance style. Used along with Ska music.
That Sarah girl sure knows how to skank.

Blake knows how to skank backwards.
by Shanaynay March 12, 2005
A derogatory word used by stupid, judgmental people to label a young woman who is depressed, has low feelings of self-worth, and was/is most likely a victim of sexual or emotional abuse.
"She looks unhappy, probably came from a poor family, and is desperate for love and attention...she must be a skank." -- judgmental idiot.
by Karma4U2 January 03, 2013
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