when someone does something dirty, sly or just sick, like stealing something from you
Jesse- "Who ate my Doritos?"
Lird - " Sorry man, I skanked 'em from ya."
Jesse- "Oh boy you're sick, you skank."
by Jessewooo February 17, 2008
A girl or woman of poor reputation and easy virtue. 2. An unattractive female, possibly diseased or excessively tatooed and pierced.
You don't want a blind date with her ; everyone knows she's a real skank. Yechhh, look at that skank on the corner over there.
by Kerry A. Baldwin July 25, 2006
A girl who asks someone else's boyfriend to give her a good fucking.
I know you're in a relationship, but would you mind giving me a good fucking? I'm too much of a skank to get my own guy.
by skankless August 07, 2010
A nasty, trashy girl in which guys look to only for sex. Usually very ugly.
I.E.-"Butterface" Everything's good on that skank but-her-face.

Christina-Did you see that skank at the mall??
Michelle-Duh! That skank was Katelin!

by DJSammyJ August 31, 2006
Typically a girl that is white. They are trashy and usually have sexual intercourse with many black men and/or men of ghetto descent. Usually trade pleasure for drugs.
That Sharon girl is a skank. She sleeps with everyone.
by Prepare thy Hamlet February 28, 2015
someone who sucks 623568902397854903 dicks
hey skank you're really good at giving head. do you do this a lot?
by big booty hoe in the house November 20, 2010
rhythm played by the guitar player in a reggae band...on the 2 and 4 beat
easy skankin...

you skank so, you skank so...
by noodlehoss April 15, 2004

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