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In Yorkshire, England, it is a verb, and it means to deceive someone or rip them off.
You skanked me. You told me that you'd be there at seven and you weren't.


I've been skanked. I thought he sold me resin and it was a f****** beef stock cube
by johnnychips January 29, 2004
1.A dance in wich you spin around in circles while alternating your feet to the beat of SKA music.
2.a really trashy chick who is either un-clean, slutty, or both.
1. dude last night at the aquabats concert i skanked til i fell over in pain.
2.dude, your mom is such a skank.
by topamonster May 06, 2005
A derogatory word used by stupid, judgmental people to label a young woman who is depressed, has low feelings of self-worth, and was/is most likely a victim of sexual or emotional abuse.
"She looks unhappy, probably came from a poor family, and is desperate for love and attention...she must be a skank." -- judgmental idiot.
by Karma4U2 January 03, 2013
a person and especially a woman of low or sleazy character
Lauren, Cat, and Jewel are all HUGE skanks!
by Skankmuffins December 30, 2009
A girl or woman of poor reputation and easy virtue. 2. An unattractive female, possibly diseased or excessively tatooed and pierced.
You don't want a blind date with her ; everyone knows she's a real skank. Yechhh, look at that skank on the corner over there.
by Kerry A. Baldwin July 25, 2006
rhythm played by the guitar player in a reggae band...on the 2 and 4 beat
easy skankin...

you skank so, you skank so...
by noodlehoss April 15, 2004
dirty woman with no morals or life. like to stick nose in other peoples business
hayley harvey aka plooger is a skank
by kristyrockz September 10, 2011