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Verb, meaning to 'come down' off MDMA.
Jaysus, I'm really skagging after those pills last night.
by magpiesmust October 01, 2011
To Skype someone your currently dating or want to date for hours upon end when you both would rather be shagging each other.
"Wheres Cath"?
"On Skype with Dave"
"Oh she's Skagging again then"?
"Yes, 5 hours and counting"
by LTD2011 November 19, 2011
Verb - The act of a male entering a gay bar for the explicit purpose of picking up the Skanky hag that is left behind when the gay guy she is with is picked up. (noun - Skagger ("a skagger with swagger"))
Bobby was well known for his skagging amongst his friends. They even joked that with Bobby, "If it wasn't a hag she couldn't be had!"
by Genome1 March 26, 2009
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