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Anything and everything. Skadouche originally came from Kung Fu Panda but has expanded into a word of unlimited meanings. It can be an adjective, noun, verb, adverb (anything!). One just simply replaces any word with a form of skadouche and hilarity ensues.
1. He skadouched in my eye!
2. That dude is a skadouchebag
3. Skadouche me later!
4. Lets skadouche
5. that was skadouchin awesome
6. I was skadouching with kyle last night and then he skadouchin left to pick up some more skadouche.
by KVVA July 10, 2008
a word used when in the presence of a panda using kung fu.


when a BURN is given, its the expression you say there after.
"Not the finger hold! You're bluffing.
I figured it out.


"At least my phone isn't as ugly as your face. ohhh you've just been Skadouched."
by ChanClair June 12, 2008
ska-douche created mid-2000 era by reminants of metropolitian towns on the north-west coast of the united states. this word was developed to be the ultra-word that covers the use of words such as; stoops, kook, blowin it, lame, gay, douche bag, fag nuts, nut face, dildo spray, retartd, zebratard, ect....
(pronounced; ska_douche)
usage; your friends does something stupid.....you say "SKA-DOUCHE!!!!"
by caleb Sutherland February 07, 2007
variation of douchebag. used more as a sound than a word.
Jimmy: yeah i made her pay for the abortion and everything.
Denny: wow....SKADOUCHE.
by jsousa3717 May 30, 2011
When someone is such a big douche bag that simply calling them a douche just won't do.
Osama Bin Laden is such a skadouche.
by Bob Dole Jr. III May 02, 2011
the preteen practice of using a vodka soaked tampon to achieve a wasted state. not-gender restrictive. Any orifice will do.

Instructions: Allow any super/heavy tampon to soak until fully saturated with vodka before inserting into internal cavities.
"In honor of my thirteenth birthday and because its a half day tomorrow, I am totally going to skadouche before mom drops me off at the mall"

"Omg, I am SO skadoused right now!!!"
by natako March 27, 2009
another way for calling someone a douche
dude, that brett kid is a skadouche.
i know man.
by Mr. Happy74 January 27, 2009