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1920's - 30's slang (jazz) for:
1. move, move over, make space please.
2. leave, go away.

<strong>Syn-s:</strong>~ <em>Skadoodle, Ske-daddle, Skadoosh, skat, scoot, skootch</em>...
1. (Jazz "cat" to his "doll"): "Skadoo."
2. "Let's skadoo." (like "scootch on over dear" ......or "shove love".)
by don'make-me-use-this-skillet! September 27, 2013
humanly fluids from genitals that result from sex or "turn on"...
1) Frank: Hey dude, you see that girl walk pass?!...so hott.

Dude: Yeah i know man, I almost skadooed.

2) Hey that guy you like is coming over...try not to skadoo...

3) *Sarah walks out of a dark room and tries to get herself together...Valen notices*

Valen to Sarah: Hey Sarah....is that skadoo on your chin??!
by kieraisablipster August 25, 2008
to be used only by those whoo enjoy music of the ska persuasion.
Flip top skadoo.
by SkaTasticallyScrumptious January 16, 2004