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Acronym for the words of "Shit Out of Luck." It is used in reference to the state of having run out of all other options, wherein the remaining situation is less than desirable.
"I didn't finish university, had a child out of wedlock, possess little to no marketable skills..Sounds like I am S.O.L.!"
by THEREALJULIA March 30, 2006
During the 1920's in the United States the social group that came to be known as "flappers" often used this phrase as a means of telling someone to "get lost," or to "scoot."
Flapper Guy: "Hey doll your dreamboat just sailed in..."
Flapper Girl: "23 Skadoo you soda jerk!"
by THEREALJULIA March 10, 2006
A phrase often used to express the desire for a task with substance. Asking for responsibility, meaning, purpose, something of interest, something that makes a difference, something that matters to the person making said statement.
I am tired of doing mundane, meaningless activities. Please, give me something I can sink my teeth into.
by THEREALJULIA March 11, 2006
a trusting naive individual who believes in Navid regardless of his "imurity"
JULIA IS GETTING LIED TO and chooses to believe otherwise. She is not stupid, she chooses to believe that which is pleasant rather than heinous in its unconscionable nature.
by THEREALJULIA March 09, 2006
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