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Utilizing the mobility of modern technology to its maximum in the context of relieving oneself while surfing the internet.

Suggested technologies include: Laptop with WiFi, iPhone or any other internet capable device.

Benefits include: A comforting relief while keeping a steady flow of multitasking.
"Man, I've really gotta take a dump, but I need to finish commenting this picture; downloading this torrent; talking on skype with my mother; researching dinosaurs for this paper; putting up another awful ytmnd; writing this sweet status update; laughing and saying awe to thousands upon thousands of pictures of adorable kittens"

"Dude, just sit and surf."

by punkedoutpianist December 19, 2009
When you take a crap while going on the internet on your laptop
Dude i really wanna sit and surf right now.
by PMC1120 July 01, 2009