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4 definitions by PMC1120

to kick serious ass in a needed situation
Guy 1: This guy was picking on me, so i went jack bauer style on his ass

Guy 2:Dude kick ass
by PMC1120 May 14, 2009
Based on the How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson, it's a scale used to rate women on a attractive scale from 1 to 10
Guy 1: Yo, that girl over there is definetly a 10 on the Stinson Scale

Guy 2: Hell yea bro
by PMC1120 May 07, 2009
When you take a crap while going on the internet on your laptop
Dude i really wanna sit and surf right now.
by PMC1120 July 01, 2009
When you want to ask a girl out, you bring a little kid with you to make your chances better.
Guy 1: Yo I did the guilt trick when I asked this girl out and it totally worked

Guy: Yo thats sick bro
by PMC1120 May 11, 2009