A mysterious hunk. Hunky because he's from Australia, but mysterious because we're all staying on our respective hemispheres until we die. Also slang for 'nice ass'.
<i>Dayum</i>, look at that fine SirMuffinMan on that one!
by suburbangrump January 11, 2004
Top Definition
1. Australian for beer.

2. The legendary Sasrobin slayer.
Krings: I could really use an ice cold SirMuffinMan right about now.
Kevin: IAWTC
Krings: You and I both.
by Gabba March 17, 2005
One who verbally beats the shit out of ladydeathscythe.
ladydeathscythe does not stand a fucking chance in a game of wits with SirMuffinMan.
by Ghett0blaster January 07, 2004
Someone who totally wrecks morons who enjoy barely-scripted comics involving people with mouths way too big when open and ridiculously small when closed.
SirMuffinMan destroyed ladydeathscythe on her own posting.
by Blah. January 07, 2004
A tiny man in a big hat.
Why is your hat moving on its own? Oh! That's a sirmuffinman.
by evilkate January 07, 2004
Austrailian for beer
sirmuffinman is Austrailian for beer.
by knullare March 17, 2005
A man with a hairstyle resembling the top of a muffin, with his face completing the muffin look by becoming the muffin stem.
See that guy with the afro over there? Doesn't he look like a sirmuffinman? OH SHIT! I'm sorry! I didn't realize that was your mother!
by Tasty March 06, 2005
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