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A shallow, stemmed, two-handled drinking cup of ancient Greece.
Hear ye... grab yer kylix and hold it high. It is time for a feast my friends! We have defeated Antiokhos and his soldiers! Now will someone pass the wine?
by tasty March 05, 2004
A man with a hairstyle resembling the top of a muffin, with his face completing the muffin look by becoming the muffin stem.
See that guy with the afro over there? Doesn't he look like a sirmuffinman? OH SHIT! I'm sorry! I didn't realize that was your mother!
by Tasty March 06, 2005
An interjection, used when something excellent happens (usually sung in falsetto).
Dude, I just got the new Weakerthans CD. Win!
by Tasty August 29, 2003

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