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A productive member of society who enjoys craft beer, coffee and cocktails. This individual may be found in flannel shirts on the weekends but normal has professional apparel on Monday through Friday.

These individuals will drive 10 miles out of their way to get locally roasted coffee.

A sipster will only drink macrobrew beer at sporting events and gun point.
I heard Brian had over 150 oz of Pliny the Younger this year. He's such a sipster.

Scott stops for a pour over coffee everyday on his way to his CPA job. He's such a sipster.
by Brewnology916 March 04, 2015
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A surfer that rips all kinds who listens to indie music. Usually makes fun of hipsters but is also known to dress like one.
"Dude, have you seen Connor's music collection lately?"
"Yeah. Man, he's such a sipster"
by Cookie224 September 24, 2011
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the act of taking a sip of an alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverage
no.1: bruv, gimme some sipsters mayte,
no.2: nah mayte, get ya own whisky
(no.1 walks off and tries to scrounge some sipsters of some other drunken twat)
by bwuv July 17, 2009
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a sipster is an older brother or sister of a hipster; women and men in their 30's who generally listen to indie rock, hang out in coffee shops, shop at the thrift stores and talk about things like books, music, films and art with a wealth of life experiences; a confident, bawdy and bold woman in her 30's.
That woman with the perfectly groomed nails, holding a cigarette and pint of insert name of microbrew here is a sipster.
by the_milliner October 11, 2008
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A hipster that also struggles with alcoholism.
I thought that girl was just a hipster, but the way she was pounding that drank made me realize she was an actual sipster. yikes.
by ta11ison August 17, 2008
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