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Jamaican slang term meaning: slippery; slimy
It sipple out deh!
War inna babylon, tribal war inna Babylon
Let me tell, it sipple out deh
by gamer4life75 February 23, 2009
drinking from the female nipple.
i took a sipple on her tittah!
by tommy November 04, 2004
Similar to term 'swiggle', sipple refers to intaking a small quantity of liquid through pursed lips. Unlike the word 'sip', sipple can only refer to the intake of an alcoholic beverage.
Come on Dominic, give me a sipple of your fine beer before I sober up.
by Henry Hoffman September 07, 2006
to get a sip of someones drink
hey let me get a sipple of that
by MOOSED July 25, 2008
Something only sketch people have. Not to be confused with supple. Normally used to describe a part of the body.
"Erika can queef on demand because of her sipple ankles.
by E.G.G.S. January 19, 2009
A small sip of liquid-- a portmanteau of the words "sip" and "sample."
I took one more sipple of Smirnoff before puking my guts out.
by foosh November 15, 2007
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