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The liquid equivalent of munchies after smoking marijuana.
Dave: dude have some food
Mike: naw man, i'm not hungry. i have a case of the sippies
Dave: take a drink of my water then
Mike: thanks man you're a savior
by PSyed July 10, 2012
one who can and will outdrink, win at every drinking game, and continue to drink with wreckless abandon
'sippy over there just keeps going, its like the alcohol doesnt effect him.'
by zach o June 12, 2008
A name given to someone who is consuming his alcoholic beverage at a very slow pace. Can also be given to the last person to be drinking when drinking in rounds.
" Sip up sippy, Alan's getting a round in! "

1: Pete's still got half a pint left
2: What a fucking sippy
by Barry Banter August 12, 2014
A person who comes into office supply store to buy many of the same item
Hey look at that printer sippy go out with all of the clearance Lexmark printers
by Ryan Wilk November 21, 2007
1) a person who has more respect or authority than he or she (lol) deserves.
2) a person who thinks they have more respect or authority than they deserve
man our president is a sippy mother fucker
by JangleZ March 23, 2011
Sexuality-in-progress. A SIPpy is a person who is so back-and-forth with their sexuality that no-one quite knows what they are yet.
"One month he's straight, next he's gay like it's out of style, and now he's straight again?" "Just let him be, he's just a little sippy".
by Kaehyu September 20, 2007
The act of drinking an alcoholic beverage from the palm of your hand
"hey man, i'm sick of drinking from those regular drinking apparatus, lets do some sippies instead"
by Sippy Longstockings September 02, 2012
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