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Purely The Definition of AWESOME, BRILLIANT, AMAZING and SEXY
Oh he's so sion
by Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant October 13, 2010
Who likes sheep and is sexually attracted to hoover, particularry Henry the hoover
Don't go near that sion
by David_farrowss April 09, 2008
flirts with anything with a pulse (male or female)
likes to touch people up in textiles (male or female)
has a different girlfriend every week (female)
plays drums (badly)
play guitar (ok, he's good at that)
amazing at art
is a mini joey tribbiani (jnr)
sion - (raises eyebrows in a seductive manner) hello!
whoever he's flirting with (male answer) - fuck off sion!
(female who fancies him's answer) - hi!
(female who doesn't fancy him's answer) - piss off
by moogy poop February 28, 2004
Someone who is poor and enjoys sheep.
You're a right sion tonight.
by Lord Fargle August 29, 2003
(male) he is a massive asshole and everyone wants to punch him.

he will hook up with you and pretend like it never happened.

he will act like he is in love with you one minute then ignore you the next.
he will make you feel really special then leave you broken hearted
he doesnt care about anyone except himself
he is an arrogant dickhead
but who cares hes fricking attractive
omg you are such a sion!! but make out with me i love you
by R.Mayn February 24, 2015
She is amazing in every way.
She's beautiful.
She's popular.
She's very smart.
She's very attractive.
She's so Sion.
That's a Sion move.
by Swaggie Hipster February 10, 2013
Sion is a living princess/godess. She is the nicest person ever. She is crazy, loving, and really good in bed. She is the most energetic, weird, and perfect. She is that person you need to be by. She is creative, amazing, and brilliant. She has a sassy nature and is an amazing kisser.
There goes Sion.
That's so like Sion.
by A_swaggy_hipster March 15, 2013

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