What seperates human beings from God. A flaw of the human race. The thing that seperates humans from animals. The root cause of ALL the problems in the world—death, disease, sickness, starvation, war, addictions, personal struggles, physical struggles, failed relationships, etc. The Bible says in Romans 5:12 that sin entered the world by Adam, the first of all human beings, and that death and corruption by separation from God spread to all of mankind as a result. This is called “original sin.” The affects of the Fall and sin are numerous and far reaching. Sin has affected every aspect our being and has affected the quality of our lives on earth and our eternal destiny. One of the immediate effects of the Fall of Adam and Eve is that mankind became separated from the perfect, eternal God. They became ashamed and fearful before Him and man has been hiding from God ever since. This is a fact because let’s face it, we are NOT born with the desire to obey God---we want to do our own thing in our own way. Because of the Fall, mankind and all creation including plants, animals, micororganism, etc inherited death. Romans 6:23 states that because of sin, death is an inevitible reality and no one is immune. Only through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross will everything be restored.

Another effect of the Fall is that humans have lost sight of the purpose for which they were created. Man’s chief end and highest purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Romans 11:36; 1 Corinthians 6:20; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Psalm 86:9). Selfishness is the essence of the Fall, and what follows are all other crimes against God. In all ways sin is a turning in upon oneself, which is confirmed in how we live our lives. We call attention to ourselves and to our good qualities and accomplishments. We minimize our shortcomings. We seek special favors and opportunities in life, wanting an extra edge that no one else has. We display vigilance to our own wants and needs, while we ignore those of others. In short, we place ourselves upon the throne of our lives, usurping the role that belongs to God.

Adam and Eve really ruined things for us. Adam’s rebellion against God resulted in our lost innocense and a darkened mind for us. Without the supernatural regeneration by the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, all men would remain in the fallen state of sin and destined to an eternal hell separated from God forever. But thanks to His grace, mercy and loving-kindness, God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and take the penalty of our sin, reconciling us to God and making eternal life with Him possible. Only through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross will everything be restored. Jesus himself, at Judgement day, will cast sin, death, Satan and his followers into hell and put an end, once and for all, to this war.
If you are foolish enough to not believe that sin exists, then you are a moron. Just look at the world around you. Sin is the cause of everything bad you see on television, in the news, see in the newspaper and hear on the radio. Sin is a very REAL problem. Sin is the reason Christ had to go to the Cross.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
Top Definition
Good, dirty fun.
Sinner: Is fucking before you're married a sin?
Saint: Yes.
Sinner: Damn.
by An insane badger August 10, 2009
The Greek biblical word for sin, "amartia", means literally "to miss the mark", like an archer. Sin is not necessarily defined by moral wrongness, by transgressing some set of rules, but is instead doing anything that takes our focus off God (the target), onto ourselves, thinking we are the be-all-and-end-all.
"Sin is nothing else than to neglect eternal things, and seek after temporal things" -- St. Augustine
by The Immovable Object January 14, 2004
Guy 1: Where were you?
Guy 2: In the bathroom.
Guy 1: You are going to hell.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: Because that's a sin.
Guy 2: Aw...
by ellometal November 02, 2009
That akward moment when you get called out and should be sorry and your completely not. SORRY IM NOT SORRY.
"Dude you left me at Sutton Club last night, not cool!"
"Oh, sorry im not sorry, s.i.n.s."
by BCN Leo Messi January 13, 2012
a failure to miss the mark of perfection
I have sinned because I am not a perfect person.
by messenger of truth April 08, 2007
When getting called out for doing something dumb or unacceptable and you just dont care.
"Dude you left me at the Sutton Club last night! Whats your problem! Where did you go?!"

"Ohhh, I nabbed a hottie. sins bro."
by BCN Leo Messi January 14, 2012
An PC game released in the winter period of 1998. Sin was a first person shooter that used the then 'cutting edge' Quake II engine to great effect. Gameplay wise, it shared a few similarities to Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, where for each level, you had to carry out a set number of tasks in a particular order, to be able to succeed. You played as protagonist John R Blade, who's mission it was to rid the local city called Freeport, of a evil bitch called Elexis Sinclaire, who was in the midst of devising a plan to take over the world, by creating vast mutant armies from a illegal chemical concoction called U4.
When Sin initially came out, critics bashed it for having glitches and freezing issues. However, a patch was eventually released. Although, it never managed to compete with sales of the first Half Life, which was released at around the same time.
by gothic_hobbit December 15, 2010
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