The act one engages in when one is just finally beginning to have fun.
When finally the hard-working Mennonite had enough money to feed his family, he paused; knowing gluttony to be a sin.
by Shanya Almafeta May 08, 2003
a leet cs clan with great organisational skills
Barbera Sterisand has more organisational skills than sin.
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
Strength In Numbers.
The best quake 3 freeze clan of its time.
Now retired.
8 wins
1 loss
with 4 OGL wins and 0 losses
by SiN|YourMom December 14, 2003
SIN actually stands for Sexy Irish Nerd. By definition all irish guys are sexy; however, only a elite few are actually sexy irish nerds.
I am in love with a SIN.

Dave is a SIN.
The greatest gamer in the world, and THC rox your sox.
Sin is so sexy, I wish I could pvp like Sin!
by Sin October 14, 2003

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