the sims 2 is an addicting game that is on many platforms, the most popular being PC. It has two expansion packs out, University where you r sims can go to University and become young adults, and have parties, and Nightlife, where your sims have cars and can go out on dates and go to Downtown where there are many restaurants, bowling alleys etc.

The sims 2 requires 3.5GB hard drive, the expansion packs require 1.5 GB hard drive each on top of this, and the game is slower with an expansion pack
parent: get off the sims 2, you've been on there for 10 hours straight!
person: I'll close it in a second, after my sim meets this other sim..and they chat...and then get to know each other...and then fall in love...and get married...and have children...and get good jobs....and then get a good house...
by Addicted to the Sims 2 January 01, 2006
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A game so addicting that some people forget that THEY are the real ones and the Sims are fake.
Person 1: What are you doing?
Person 2: I'm watching my Sim watch TV.
Person 3: What are YOU doing?
Person 2: I'm watching him watch his Sim watch TV.
by Matt January 18, 2005
A life-simulator that has managed to expertly tap into everyone's inner control freak. It is a lot of fun and, as said before, very addictive.

Eerily life-like virtual people get jobs, spouses, friends, home furnishings, and children. They have hobbies, wants, fears, aspirations, and drama within their social circles. It's so creepy how real they can become.

You the player are in control of everything they do and can make each sim's life perfect or a living hell - and everthing in between. Eventually Sims get old and die. Hopefully they've raised good children so their family tree can continue growing once their gone - if that's the way you'd like to play. It's totally up to you.
"My Sim is unemployed, his wife wants only to "WooHoo" with 3 other Sims, their children are failing school, the repo men are taking the refrigerator and the toilet is clogged. What am I supposed to do?"
"Delete the family and make a new one, it's just a game."
by Anonymous August 02, 2005
A game that is so fun and damn addicting... until after a while and it just becomes a pain in the ass
(A Week Later) Guy: "You damn sims! why can't you live on your own!"
by look up E.S.S.J. February 07, 2005
A drug in form of a PC available in many other types such as X-box etc..
You know you're addicted when you try to pause your boyfriend while talking to him on AIM using the " ` " button..
by Wack August 08, 2005
The absolute best game ever! Its so addictive that you forget sometimes that you are real NOT them! in fact once i stayed up for a day and a half playing it!
girl: what the hell are you playing?
boy: idiot! sims two DUH!
girl: for how long?
boy: about a week!
girl: why?
boy: cause its friggin adictive!
by evilmuffin March 14, 2005
Haha wow... The sims 2 is like the most addicting game and if you dont have like several hours a week... actually several hours a day to spare, then dont by it because its so addicting hahah! Also, if you do own it, dont go to because you find yourself taking up half the space on your computer to download cute little outfits and clothes for your sims! This game is so bad to have during the school year oh my god!
girl thinking: Oh crap! Ive been on the sims 2 for 3 hours! ok ok i have to get off! no wait ill just make them go to school then come home and play with their friends and go to bed then i'll get off....
girl thinking 3 hours later: oh shoot!!!! its 1:00 am what am i doing i have to get off right after i redecorate their house
girl thinking 1 hour later: damn, i wish this game would save faster!
by obsessedwsims2 June 08, 2005
The Sims 2 is the sequel to the sims. It's a computer game with little people who you control and can either make them happy or depressed.
Girl: I am so bored, i want a fun pc game
Boy: Try Sims 2 - it rocks
by Natalie September 28, 2004

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