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The absolute best game ever! Its so addictive that you forget sometimes that you are real NOT them! in fact once i stayed up for a day and a half playing it!
girl: what the hell are you playing?
boy: idiot! sims two DUH!
girl: for how long?
boy: about a week!
girl: why?
boy: cause its friggin adictive!
by evilmuffin March 14, 2005
Fox with less cussing.
Person 1: I'm tired of Fox and its cancled shows!
Person 2:What about Disney Channel?
Person 1: Same differnce....
by evilmuffin July 18, 2005
Okay, now many of you may be thinking,'It was a horrible remake! I hate it!' In all honesty, it was (is) a GREAT movie and NOT a remake! Johnny Depp plays a charming, quirky, Willy Wonka, who is not based on Michael Jackson or Marilyn Manson (as Depp has said many times in several interveiws.) Freddie Highmore is (in my opinion, as everything is) the best Charlie Bucket! Any other actorwould have been a drastic mistake! I thought that the add-ons were very nice, they all lead up to the perfect endding which left you feeling happy and warm. If you ask me, theres no such thing as a bad Tim Burton movie (I didn't like Pee-wee that much, but I loved it as a little child.) The whole cast seemed to just feel right, and if your anyhthing like me, your still humming the Willy Wonka theme-song!
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka
The amazing chocolatier
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka
Ev'rybody give a cheer
He's modest, clever, and so smart
He barely can explain it
With so much generosity
There is nowhere to contain it
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka
He's the genius who just can't be beat
The magician and the chocolate wiz
The best darn guy you'll ever meet
Willy Wonka--here he is
by evilmuffin July 17, 2005
Although the popular channel has given us The Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle and King of the Hill, it is most definitly, the channel with the most cancled shows. Prehaps what is more disturbing is that most shows cursed to be on Fox are cancled after 3 episodes, then brought back again, and cancled after 2 more episodes. Basicly its a wonder that a few shows survived.
person1: Whats on Fox?
Person2: Some comercials for upcoming series premires.
Person1: *looks at tv screen* I'll give it 4 episodes.
by evilmuffin July 02, 2005

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