Tehy are a fuckin great band. Anyone who says theyre only popular cuz theyre good looking its not true. They are popular because they are good. Also, i would like to point out that they are not liked just by people who want to believe they are punk or rock or whatever. Poeple like simple plan because simple plans music is the brilliant, whatever genre you want to call it.
And theyre a nice bunch of guys with a lot of talent.
take david for example. He sung in reset when he was 16, in front of thousands of people, a song which he and his band wrote themselves, i a language which he hadnt been speaking very long (hes french canadian so his first language is french.). He can sing, and play guitar, bass and drums. Dont try and tell me thats not talented. Can you do better?
They are very nice when you talk to them aswell. Of all the bands ive met they were one of the nicest.
music by simple plan includes:
just a kid
id do anything ( mark hoppus liked this song so much he played it before his shows with blink182 to get him hyped up)

'oh my simple plan'
(oh my god)
by simple plan rock April 25, 2005
Simple Plan are a hot band from canada full of so totally hot guys who are so totally hot. Not all emo's cut themselves and Simple Plan are not a band full of whiny ass bitches when you say whiny ass bitch you must be looking in a mirror or talkning about your self F**KER!!
i went and saw simple plan last night. It made me feel so good i will be happy for the rest of the week then im going to walk my dog and not cut myself because im not a sterotypical emo like some people in here think they are!
by mega emo ranger tagzo April 28, 2006
seb in simple plan iz onli 23 david iz 24 and da rest r 25 and avril sux i h8 avril good charlotte rox! and don't diss simple plan and good charlotte cauze dare betta den da shit u listen 2
SiMpLe PlAn RoX sO dOeZ gOoD cHaRlOtTe
by A-Jax May 04, 2005
The best band ever! I love them and i'm obsessed with them and they're my most favorite band ever! They rocked in the Noise To The World Tour 2005, along with Good Charlotte, and Relient K as a guest (Even though i dont really know any Relient K songs.) I saw them in concert in Indanapolis at the Pepsi Coliseum on May 8, 2005 (Mother's Day)
Simple Plan is the best band in the whole world.
by Chase May 28, 2005
A great five person band; lead vocals: Pierre Bouvier, Guitar: Sebastien Lebouveve(or i dunno how to spell it)and Jeff Stinco, Bass:David Desrosiers, Drums: Chuck Comeau. they have two CDs; No pads, no helmets...just balls, and Still not getting any. Lots of great songs: most popular (which arnt better than the others) are shut up, im just a kid, perfect,welcome to my life.
You know the bass player in simple plan? David Desrosiers? oooooooooohhhhhh man he is soooo sexy.
by Muchacha March 05, 2005

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