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An album released by a band that contains all of their songs you will ever need to hear. Greatest Hits albums do not count, as they are intended to give you all of the band's best songs.

This word is intended to be used only by people who have an interest in a band, but aren't huge fans of them.

Ex. Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge. All of their good songs are on this album, unless you are a dedicated fan (unlikely).

The Beatles are an example of a band without an Uber album.
Hey, did you hear about Drowning Pool's new album coming out? I hear it's supposed to be an uber album!
by gargoyle772 June 09, 2009
Feeling like like the person in a Simple Plan song (which are all basically the same).

Symptoms are:
1. You feel like your parents don't understand you, and you need to go do something rebellious.

2. You feel like nobody likes you an your life sucks.

3. Your girlfriend just dumped you and you are depressed, so you listen to Simple Plan

4. You want to run around and do crazy shit with your friends to blow off steam.
Cases of Simple Plan Syndrome:

1. Mom, dad, you just don't get me! I'm gonna go graffiti a bridge
2. Man, my friends are all too busy for me! I hate my life!
3. I thought she loved me! WAAAA! "God must hate me" is the soundtrack of my life.
4. Dude I'm so pissed! Lets go drive around and get chased by cops!
by gargoyle772 June 12, 2009

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