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A band of 5 guys out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are no specifc genre of music. Most people saw "pop, punk, rock" but they have never once lablled themselves to the world.They got this lable from playing on the Warped Tour (which does tend to be punk/emo music). They make it very obvious in interveiws and websites (chances are if you actually looked you would see that). They don't whine about thier lives, they simply write something thier fans can relate too, and in some cases, wrote it about thier fans experiences. Chuck Comeau (Drums/Writer) has explained in many interveiws that after reciving many letters and e-mails from fans talking about problems they have had, has actually inspired him to write specific things. Thier fans and thier own experiences is thier inpseration. Thier fan base is MORE then 12 year olds.If you've ever bothered to meet a simple plan fan, or talk to someone they would explain to you that they range from 12-25 (yes 25) the "Simple Plan Invasion Crew" is thier street team, which happends to be packed with kids between that age, more are above the age of 15. I'm personally above the typical age, and hate being called a teenie, because we like more bands then just Simple Plan adn GC, some of us might like Metallica or maybe The Clas? Maybe AFI? (personally my music range is huge.) They have realesed many hit singles such as "I'd Do Anything", "Addicted" "Perfect" and "I'm Just A Kid" from thier first album "No Pads No Helmets..Just Balls" and "Welcome to my life", "Shut Up", "Crazy" and "Untitled" from thier 2nd album "Still Not Getting Any". Not only do they take time out to help/meet and support thier fans, but they take thier time to do many benefits such as M.A.D.D (witch the untitled video is in support of), Live 8 and thier own Simple Plan Foundation, which helps kids with depression, homlessness ect. In general, they are guys who are trying to please only thier fans and no one else, seriously, those who sit on here and make fun of them are no better then anyone, its pathedic.

members are:
Pierre: Vocals/some guitar/writing
Chuck: Drums/Writing
Jeff: Lead guitar
Seb: Rhythm Guitar/Back up vocals
David: Bass/Back up vocals.

they really are a good band, maybe not the best in the world, but they have helped many kids, with more then just good music. "Perfect World" happends to be my favorite.
Hater: "Omgz,Perfect by simple plan is so fucking lame."
Fan: "They have better songs then perfect you know"
Hater: " i haven't bothered to listen to anything else, i judge a band on one song."
Fan:"your a fucking idiot." *bitch slap*

If you like a band, tell the world about them.
If you don't like a band, keep your damn mouth shut and do not critisize thier fans.

by TheBitch November 28, 2006

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