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Simp Ass Nigga is a player/pimp that got married!!!!!
Too Short....Sure too short said "fuck my wife shes my slut foe life" but it still falls on Simp Ass Nigga =/
by Merksman May 09, 2008
32 25

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busta dummy mark nut player prankster punk succer tricc trick
a dude gettin played for his money by a female or allows her ta walk all ova him jus ta get some ass
a simp ass nigga is...
1)dat nigga u see in da club tryna fight another nigga ova a bitch dat dont wanna be wit him.
2)any nigga dat pay fa pussy
3)a nigga dat fall in love wit and marry a known hoe
by MAC^ MAC^ October 05, 2006
69 20