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Tweedy Bird Loc is a westcoast underground rapper from compton!
Beef with Eazy-E,Tim Dog,Luke, & Poison Clan.
"Tweedy Bird Loc - Fuck The South Bronx" (Tim Dog Diss)
"Tweedy Bird Loc - Y'all Can't Fucc With Us" (Eazy-E Diss)
"Tweedy Bird Loc - Fucc Miami" (Luke Diss & Poison Clan)
by Merksman May 10, 2008
S.H.L - Single Hit Listener: someone who only listens to
popular single tracks from artists!
Busta - "Aye dogg that song (I've got five on it) is G with it....whos the artist?"

Loc - "Luniz"

Busta - "What about (Hood took me under)?"

Loc - "Damn trick yous a S.H.L!"
by Merksman May 09, 2008
C.M.W short for Comptons Most Wanted!
C.M.W is known as Mc Eiht's crew!
by Merksman May 09, 2008
Simp Ass Nigga is a player/pimp that got married!!!!!
Too Short....Sure too short said "fuck my wife shes my slut foe life" but it still falls on Simp Ass Nigga =/
by Merksman May 09, 2008

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