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A Sexy Beast. One with a huge cock, and gigantic balls. Known for being sweet and gentle when it comes to women. The females dig Simen. Often used to describe a good friend. Describes a friend that wouldn't leave other friends if they had a flat tire. Hung Like a Dragon Used to describe someone that needs a smart, intellectual, and beautiful women in their life.
Holy Shit, that is one Simen cock.

Damn, why are you so damn Simen, id smack.

Why don't I take you back to my place and I can give you the Simen.
by superduude October 28, 2010
A cool and sexy, good looking man. Most of them lives in Norway.

Average length of penis: 35cm.
If there only were on religion in the world, it would be called Simen, and the bible, Kamasutra.

Simen love sex and usually get what he wants. Watch out.
Barack Obama is president, Simen is God.
by jgsldrhgsildruhdgkl May 06, 2013
Simen Mortensen 777
Simen plays the "bad guy" in "cat and mouse"
by GIMLI LOVES METALLICA October 10, 2003

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