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A slang word used in place of Silly.
Thats so sill!

She is so sill!
by tiewashere March 16, 2007
20 18
the combination of the words sick and ill.
daaayummm b that whippp is sill s0n
by lyse December 23, 2007
14 13
a ship name for Sana and Bill
foreshadowing the future union of these two people. It will result in multiple children, one that will go by the name Fraz
Oh my gosh! I, like, totally want my relationship with my super hunky boyfriend to be like SILL!
by ssaurusrex November 29, 2007
11 16
A person carrying this name posses no java programming skills what so ever.
That Jeremy Sills is a big retard.
by Smith September 08, 2003
11 22