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A form of praise originating from the 2 words Sick and Cunt. It is used in a good way however, especially in places like Bankstown, Lakemba etc.
A: Wassup you le'?
B: Nothin' much bro, I boned Habibs mum!
A:OMG fully?
B:Yeh I swear bro!
A:Oh my gaawwd, you're such a sikunt.
by Riet April 07, 2004
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A term of respect.
"Youre a sikunt"
by wintermute November 06, 2003
Somebody with an abundance of qualities making them much desireable by others.
John - 'Oi man, i hooked up with some wicked chick the other night'

Alex - 'ohh you fukn SIKUNT!'
by maRGas November 05, 2003
Sikunt - a word use to describle a kool person among peers
Paul - is he kool
Scuba - No he's a SIKUNT
by Master_PauL-- November 10, 2003
A person who attends the club "Plastic" In Sydney, Australia.
Annie "Hey Tel! where you off to tonight??"
Tel "Going to Plastic Man!"
Annie "your a SIKUNT!!! see you there!"
Therefore Annie and Tel are SIKUNTS
by Hungryhippo February 26, 2004

Person well respected among peers
ScottA, SuPa^MiNs
by Matt August 08, 2003

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