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A Norwegian girl's name meaning "beautiful victor" - from the Old Norse name Sigríðr, derived from the elements sigr "victory" and fríðr "beautiful, fair".

Norrøne variants: Sigfríðr, Sigríða, Sigríðr. A less used variant is Sigri, while a more common varient is Siri.
Sigrid is an old norse name.
by dalderdash February 03, 2010
this girl is one of the rarest. loyal, respectful, and beautiful. Sigrid's are very hot tempered but mean well. They know how to party and get wild, and laugh at their own jokes. Sigrid's are funny, and are often caught laughing at their own jokes. Cool friend to have and deff awesome overall! woo
Girl 1: Hey who's that over there
Girl 2: Oh, that's just my best friend sigrid
by lalalason12391 September 01, 2011
The hairiest bush you've ever seen in London. Wild, wiry, stinky & almost like a steelo.
Possum: What's wrong with your face it's all cut up?
VB: I went down on a Sigrid
by Bebe_108 November 19, 2011

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