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Sigma Fag Prepsalon - the "largest" fraternity in the nation which any jackass can join, cut them a check, sign on the line, and walk through the magic door of bullshit all in the same weekend. Whether they're known for being a bunch of pussy's or serving their famous roofie-colada punch at their parties, they're never known for anything good.
Sig Ep is known throughout the world as Sigma Fag Prepsalon. keep trying guys, maybe someday you'll get laid after a few more bowls of roofie punch.
by sig ep loves dong April 19, 2006
A Sig Ep is any little gay ass frat boy who doesn't pay his dues, is a total looser, and tries too hard to fit in anywhere.
Any Sigma Phi Epsilon in Russellville Arkansas. Man all these Sig Ep's are a bunch of gay ass posers.
by Colin McCloud October 11, 2005
The best fraternity in the world, we are the shit.
Damn the SigEps in Platteville are the shit
by dicksack April 27, 2005
1. An elite UCSB Party Fraternity that pulls in mad ladies---from Freshman to porn stars. Sick as hell, though notorious for poor judgment.
1. Zach: Bro, what happened last night at Sig Ep? I heard you got dome from that porn star hanging out by the keg, then boned the shit out of her.
Sunny:Ya,it was bomb, but I hope I didn't get her pregnant.
Zach: Not funny

2. Sunny: Dude, I think you should Rush Sig Ep.
Zach: Why's that?
Sunny: Because you have terrible judgment.
Zach: What do you mean?
Sunny: I mean you ate out a fucking stripper!
Sunny: Not funny

by Thizzmasta707 February 08, 2008
Those who choose to be different and different meaning better.
Ever have sorority girls love you cuz the letters on your chest? Ya I thought not ATO's...
by Dave Hasslehauf July 14, 2003
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