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Anything that could potentially fuck up your near to long term future, especially anything involving STDs or Republicans.
1. Ben: It was really poor judgment eating out that stripper
Zach: I know.

2. Zach: I heard Phil was voting for John McCain
Ben: Oh ya, I though he was behind Obama, but if he does that'll be poor judgment. I don't want to be in Iraq for 100 years.
by Thizzmasta707 February 08, 2008
(V) 1. Fucking up bad. Tantamount to having a huge lead and somehow blowing it (no pun intended).
2. Refers to Hillary Clinton's loss of a 20 point National Lead to competitor Barack Obama, costing her--most likely--the Democratic Nominee.

aka: Pulling a Hillary
Abe: Zach, you suck at basketball
Zach: Fuck you dude, you know had that thing locked-in 10-5 until I started pulling a Clinton and let you score 6 points in a row.

Zach: Did you hear about Sleek?
Jeff: No, what happened?
Zach: Sleek just totaled his car and is currently indicted
Jeff: Oh, shit! I thought he had a new job and was finally straighting out; he just pulled a fat Clinton at life.
by Thizzmasta707 February 12, 2008
1. An elite UCSB Party Fraternity that pulls in mad ladies---from Freshman to porn stars. Sick as hell, though notorious for poor judgment.
1. Zach: Bro, what happened last night at Sig Ep? I heard you got dome from that porn star hanging out by the keg, then boned the shit out of her.
Sunny:Ya,it was bomb, but I hope I didn't get her pregnant.
Zach: Not funny

2. Sunny: Dude, I think you should Rush Sig Ep.
Zach: Why's that?
Sunny: Because you have terrible judgment.
Zach: What do you mean?
Sunny: I mean you ate out a fucking stripper!
Sunny: Not funny

by Thizzmasta707 February 08, 2008

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