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1) Sid-arth
yawesome, crazy-tall Indian dude who is quite possibly a product of my imagination/schizophrenia. If he's not doing something art or music related he's either being obnoxious, looking for the "better katie," procrastinating, watching videos on Launch, or looking up webcomics on my laptop when I'm trying desperately to do school work. I'm kinda glad we seem to be stuck on the same brain-wave, but sometimes it's just a little creepy.

2) sid-Harth
The being that takes over normal Sidharth when he's exposed to an addictive video game.

3) sid-(leans forward)-Harth
Just pretend the H isn't there Mrs. Brady. (I mean, technically it isn't. He added it so he can never graduate from high school and take spanish over and over again....)
Sidarth, did you glue yourself to the tower again?
by katier May 04, 2005
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A person with penises for eyes. Very inconvenient, as you can imagine, but perhaps they could be of use in the porn industry.

Someone with a face which was recently fucked, resulting in inexplainable distortions.

He is someone with a very wide vagina i.e. a vagina(choot) which has been opened up by numerous sexual intercourses over the time & which cant really give the pleasure which a tight vagina gives..

A human being who rubs his forehead on the erection of a horse.
Sidharth is a master horse fucker (ghoda chutiya)
by Sushila Gehlot May 29, 2011

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