Top Definition
Slang used in place of curse words.
Why don't you go shyzer yourself!
by Goob August 10, 2004
shit or damn, etc, used to express frustration, annoyance
Having trouble in slow traffic, say oh 'shizer'!
Wasted time taking a wrong direction at work or in traffic, exclaim 'Oh Shyzer', instead of 'Oh Shit'
by Beaver124 June 07, 2006
Shyzer is a certain kind of flashy and colorful weirdness.
David Bowie had shyzer hair in Labrynth, and Snowy Shaw often looks quite shyzer.
by JOHN RICE July 26, 2004
how to say shit in german
shizer! mac lieben, shricken ne deutch!
shit, my book, i speak german!
-Chris B.
by sarah August 07, 2004
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