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Slang used in place of curse words.
Why don't you go shyzer yourself!
by Goob August 10, 2004
18 2
shit or damn, etc, used to express frustration, annoyance
Having trouble in slow traffic, say oh 'shizer'!
Wasted time taking a wrong direction at work or in traffic, exclaim 'Oh Shyzer', instead of 'Oh Shit'
by Beaver124 June 07, 2006
7 1
A derivitive meaning to take a shit
Ahhhh man I gotta take a shyzer.
by Mike June 30, 2004
2 0
Shyzer is a certain kind of flashy and colorful weirdness.
David Bowie had shyzer hair in Labrynth, and Snowy Shaw often looks quite shyzer.
by JOHN RICE July 26, 2004
3 4
how to say shit in german
shizer! mac lieben, shricken ne deutch!
shit, my book, i speak german!
-Chris B.
by sarah August 07, 2004
3 16