Shyla is the definition of perfection. She possesses the radiance of an angel. With a stunning smile she is able to capture one's heart. Her eyes can only be compared to the magnificence of sparkling jewels. Her soft voice is like a soothing melody. Shyla is love in its purest form.
Wow, that chick is a perfect 10 all around, her name must be Shyla. Too bad she's taken.
by Dungeonmaster99 April 01, 2009
shall we go to the shyla shy?

i.e. shall we go to the coconut shy?
by benji Whitty July 05, 2011
terrible beast- outrageously worse than saharai
Shyla scared away all the children with her disease.
by saraee January 15, 2009
a man bearpig who likes to eat shrimp.
i've never seen a shyla eat salad before
by hickorystick June 03, 2008

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