Top Definition
Shyanna is a very unusual name.
but there are a few.
Shyanna's tend to be loud, out going and sensitive.
They are friends with everyone and very good listeners.
one of my best friends is a shyanna and she is awesome. <3
i love you shyanna ^-^
by brittany_j June 22, 2010
Shyanna is name that comes up very rarely. There are a couple though. I have a friend named Shyanna and she is great. They are funny and nice. They are really fun to be around, but sometimes they will get the slightest bit bitchy. A lot of them don't like their name, so we call them Shy. They are all gorgeous and I am so jealous.
Shyanna is a really funny person.
by awesome girl 123 January 18, 2015
a girl named shyanna that likes to get railed by the blacks and the beaners
by dylanandmatt November 10, 2008
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