Considered by the Inuit people of North Salt Lake City, and Ron Burgandy of the San Diego News Team to be a word that means "scrumciously delicious" actually it really just means "cool" or "niiice".

And Roy, you knew what you were getting into. Next time I see you dont get weird about this video.

Gabe, you rode the bull yesterday for 5 minutes, thats sooo shweb!

To bad it was a man.
by Billybobyokelman January 01, 2008
Top Definition
A cigarette, preferably, but not limited to a Camel Turkish Royal
"It's 11:19, time for our shweb break"
by El Squalrus February 18, 2010
Originally derived from the innuit word
"Shwebbhargoniousnessab" which bascally means "No". The word is commonly used today to define the cheesyness of a toasted sandwich or a flan.
"Damn, this is one shweb flan."
by Chris Lawlor January 21, 2005
showing uninterest in something
example i don't give a shweb about what u say
by andrew dodgson October 07, 2003
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