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A cigarette, preferably, but not limited to a Camel Turkish Royal
"It's 11:19, time for our shweb break"
by El Squalrus February 18, 2010
3 1
Considered by the Inuit people of North Salt Lake City, and Ron Burgandy of the San Diego News Team to be a word that means "scrumciously delicious"...no actually it really just means "cool" or "niiice".

And Roy, you knew what you were getting into. Next time I see you dont get weird about this video.

Gabe, you rode the bull yesterday for 5 minutes, thats sooo shweb!

To bad it was a man.
by Billybobyokelman January 01, 2008
2 2
Originally derived from the innuit word
"Shwebbhargoniousnessab" which bascally means "No". The word is commonly used today to define the cheesyness of a toasted sandwich or a flan.
"Damn, this is one shweb flan."
by Chris Lawlor January 21, 2005
6 5
showing uninterest in something
example i don't give a shweb about what u say
by andrew dodgson October 07, 2003
4 5