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verb, noun or adjective. Originating from TJ- Basically can be used in any sentence, meaning whatever you want. can also be used on occasion to replace words like "okay", "cool", or "thanks". When the time is right, it can also be used by itself just to let people know how high or drunk you are, or letting them know that you are having a good time with a lady friend. Also can be utilized to talk to someone infront of others, without having anyone else know what the two of you are talking about. When you use it enough, people realize how much swag you have.
1) -What are we doing tonight?

-We're shwampin' it

2) Yo, pass me that shwamp

3) We shwamped like there was no tomorrow

4) -Thanks for helpin me out

- Shwamp
by tjgbsfootball44 May 02, 2011
To take something without the owners consent. Synonyms: yoink
Check it out, man. I'm going to shwamp us some chips and dip for later tonight.
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
To strike or be striken with a hacky Sak!
"Dude I was just SHWAMP'd"
"Dude stop SHWAMPing people"
by Nodroj! August 11, 2009
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