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Frisco slang for meth
Lil T came by looking to see who had a quarter of shwak for sale

Lisa has lost a lot of weight she must be shwaking again
by BayDre September 17, 2013
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stupid, wack, a sign of disaproval
dude, that party last night was totally shwak
by magical shoelaces March 29, 2011
a very large shot from a bottle or handle of liquor.
Natalie come take a shwak!
by Kevin Piper Jr. September 09, 2010
Also called: "Short Wall Talk".
The deep meaningful conversation that occurs when you stand up in your cube and talk to your neighbor
A.L and I had a good shwak about how long the newest intern is going to last.
by alvil July 26, 2005

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