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A verb meaning to fail to meet expectations, particularly at a moment critical for success or even slightly respectable results.

Slightly derogatory, indicating the type of disapproval that can only be backed by the weight of a nation's scorn.
"Well we almost won the game, but the kicker missed the extra point so we lost by one."
"Man, he really shustered that!"

"Ouch, you son of a bitch! That's the wrong hole!"
"Sorry honey, I was only off by an inch and a half."
"Shuster me again like that and we're through!"

"The United States team has a chance to go up by two and almost certainly clinch a victory here in the ninth end."
"Oh no, he pulled a shuster! What a letdown!"
"Apparently he truly enjoys the taste of disappointment."
by rabidsquirrel13 February 18, 2010
A choke. From John Shuster's choking in the 2010 Olympics in curling.
We would have won if not for that Shuster.
by Sajak February 18, 2010
To screw up royally; choking when the chips are down.
The U.S. Curling Team had a chance to win the match; however, their skip Shustered the hammer.
by BlainetheTrain February 18, 2010
Fucking up something so easy your grandmother who's been dead for four years could do it.
He had that win in the bag, but he shustered that last throw and his team lost.
by The Amazing Choker February 18, 2010
1. to choke
2. to miss the game winning shot
3. to repeatedly miss the game winning shot
4. a person who does not do well under pressure
(missing the game winning free throw with .1 seconds left on the clock)

- "You really shustered that one"

- "You are such a shuster!
Antonym: Clutch
by wets0909 February 19, 2010
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