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Shumpie is that girl who wants to be in the party, the limelight, and the 'in' crowd. Shumpies want to be the one who talks about whats current and hot on the scene but they really aren't. They pretend to have all the juicy gossip, crunkest crew, and party & club info. A Shumpie will take pictures with folks just to say they 'know' them when they dont. Most Shumpies were that little cute quiet girl that nobody new in Middle or High school that suddenly wants to be a break out sensation in society. Shumpies will do anything with any guy or the team just to have their name in a conversation. They will do the whole crew, dorm room, athletic team, drumline, or frat just to have something to talk about.They're never most popular or important so they pretend. Sometimes a shumpie will get desperate and do anything just for attention. Shumpies will invite your friends, buddies, and associates to your party, venue, or event and will arrive there expecting to get in when their name isnt on the RSVP or VIP list. Shumpies can be guys too however. A Shumpie always has something to say, but nothing good ever comes out; talking to be heard. A Shumpie can be like that 1ply, cardboard feeling bathroom tissue or off brand deodorant that only gets used when you run out and cant get to the store.
"Amber is a real hood chick, that shumpie know the names of all the hot spots, but the bitch never been outside the burbs." sluthoefreak

"This Shumpie did me, the line, 3 football players, 2 basketball players and her boyfriend the same night, what was her name?fakepretenderliarflippertoss up

"Shumpie didn't wanna talk or nothing, she grabbed the hammer and turned into a bizzy body."wanna bejump off

"Man, I dont want a nice girl,I need that Shumpie." "

Look at all these Shumpies in Wal Mart stealing outfits so they can go to the club tonight!"

KiKi, Ree, Nita, & Misha are such Shumpies, fucked everyone on campus, got 1200 facebook friends and people still don't know them or acknowledge them.

"Mane what we gone do tonight, IDK, call that lil shumpie, she always know whats shakin.
by Spookdafied Bah March 28, 2010
A pie, baked in the oven, filled with shum

A top crust is optional, but is quite common in areas of the world.
Joe: "Hey bob, what are you going to bring to the company picnic?"

Bob: "Oh, I think I'll bring what I usually"

Joe: "You mean you're bringing those pies that I love so much?"

Bob: "It"

Joe: "It depends on what?"

Bob: "It depends on whether or not I have"

Joe: "Hey Bob, I've gotta run.. I'll see ya there."

Bob: "It's called Shum Pie!"
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010

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