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A Shumper is a Jumper that has a fake shirt beneath it - Normally suited to a V-Neck style jumper.
"Phil ? Is that a new jumper you got there ?"

"Nope, it's a new Shumper !!"
by Phil Longman March 28, 2008
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Tariq Tamuji decides that Shumpers are the way forward. It's a hybrid of a jumper and a shirt. essentially a fake shirt collar under a jumper.
Shumper.Available at burtons apparently.
by alidriver November 05, 2010
A shirt and a jumper combined in one garment worn mainly on men
If you are hot take off your jumper - I can't it's a shumper
by Veggienomore December 21, 2009
A jumper and a shirt in one. Defined as a thin jumper so as can be used as a shirt or a jumper.
Its washing day so I'm wearing my shumper.
by Vampyre September 05, 2004

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