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An Ogre Cock.
Karl enjoys praying to shrek whilst caressing his shrock.
by Onions111345 November 25, 2013
A genre of music based around the British TV Show, Sherlock. It stands for Sherlock Rock. This genre is widely known to be awesome, but has a high population of Johnlock lyrics.
My iPod has mostly Trockand Shrock songs on it.
Did you hear A Bromance in Bohemia's newShrock song?
by annananymous August 11, 2013
(N) A handsome, tall, muscular male, usually with elite fighting skills.

This definition stems from the ancient greek word Soomatophylax, meaning elite Macedonian infantry guard and senior Macedonian general.
Person 1: "Woah, did you see that punch combination?! He totally just knocked that guy out!"

Person 2: "Yeah man, he's such a Shrock."
by greekhistorian February 11, 2012
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